Screw It, We're Just Gonna Talk About the Beatles

Friends from the Los Angeles comedy scene discuss the Beatles, one album at a time. We have no special qualifications nor reason to do this. And we often get facts wrong or leave them out. We just want to because we're obsessed with the Beatles, like any rational human. TOPICS INCLUDE: Reasons we love them! Stories we've read! Opinions we hold! Excitement we cannot contain! THE BEATLES!
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Aug 24, 2017

Beatles guitars! We have four guitarists on to talk about Beatles songs in terms of the guitar parts in this plus-sized episode! 

Topics include:

The ninth chords that ends a lot of the early songs;

the iconic beginnings of A Hard Day's Night / Day Tripper / I Feel Fine and more;

George solo in All My Loving;

cool chords on Michelle;

sick Paul solo on Taxman;

dual guitars on She Said She Said;

easy songs to play around a campfire;

the clawhammer picking on the White Album;

George's stellar contributions to Octopus' garden;

She's So Heavy


Were we up to the technical challenge of recording four guitars in the host's living room with whatever cords people brought to the session? Not always! But the love for the music stays strong throughout!

Plus we do our own version of the Abbey Road trading guitars jam --- at the one hour and twenty minute mark! Necessary? No! Fun? Yes! And as with all our jams it has that first take authenticity! (Order of soloists: Joel, then Brett, then Mike with James playing rhythm).

Panelists: James Bachman, Mike Carlson, Will Hines, Brett Morris, Joel Spence.



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  • almost seven years ago
    Dr. J. Maggio
    Great Pod:

    She Said, She Said is one of the few Beatles songs on which Paul doesnt appear at all. George and John do a great job on guitar parts, and George doubles-up on bass.

    Love Paul's solo on Good Morning...

    Good point about John's solo on Honey Pie. He often gets overlooked as a guitarist, but he had his moments as a lead player. (Get Back is another.) And, of course, he was a cool rhythm player.

    Keep up good work.
  • almost seven years ago
    Dr. J. Maggio
    Great podcast. She Said, She Said is one of the few songs Paul did not play or sing on at all. Great guitars from John and George. And George doubles-up and plays bass.
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