Screw It, We're Just Gonna Talk About the Beatles

Friends from the Los Angeles comedy scene discuss the Beatles, one album at a time. We have no special qualifications nor reason to do this. And we often get facts wrong or leave them out. We just want to because we're obsessed with the Beatles, like any rational human. TOPICS INCLUDE: Reasons we love them! Stories we've read! Opinions we hold! Excitement we cannot contain! THE BEATLES!
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Feb 23, 2017

After doing one of the best albums of all time with Rubber Soul, the Beatles follow with yet ANOTHER one of the best albums of all time: Revolver. The songwriting quality is just as high, and now they're pushing the boundaries of their style more than ever. Orchestral backing with "Eleanor Rigby," trippy free-flowing songs like "She Said She Said," the funky fuzz bass of George's "Taxman," the backing horns for "Got to Get You Into My Life" and of course the most experimental track they've done yet: "Tomorrow Never Knows." Panelists: Will Hines, Joel Spence, Brett Morris, Heather Woodward.

Feb 16, 2017

One of the greatest albums created by any band to this point, Rubber Soul is yet another peak for the Beatles. It was the first album where they set aside time in the studio to finish writing and developing the songs, and the extra attention shows. This is even though they still finished the album in, relative to modern standards, an insanely short period of time. As always, just a list of signature tracks should be enough to show how amazing this album is: "Drive My Car," "Norwegian Wood, "Nowhere Man,""Michelle,""In My Life" and there are more and more. This isn't even counting "We Can Work It Out," which was recorded with this album and released separately. Incredible! Panelists: Will Hines, Curtis Gwinn, Joel Spence and Ariana Lenarsky.

Feb 9, 2017

Help!, in addition to being an amazing album, is also representative of a transitional time for The Beatles: part "early" with songs like "The Night Before" and the title track, and part "middle" with mid-tempo grooves like "Ticket to Ride" and the instant-classic-for-all-generations-and-humans "Yesterday." Unsurprisingly, we love it all. Our panel of Will Hines, Adam McCabe, Joel Spence and Ariana Lenarsky get into this astoundingly great collection of songs. 

Feb 2, 2017

The last of the truly "early" Beatles albums. Our panel of Will Hines, Joel Spence, Adam McCabe and Brett Morris get into it: the brilliant original songs ("No Reply" "Eight Days A Week" "I'll Follow the Sun"), the underrated deep cuts ("What You're Doing"), the covers, the country influence, the obvious fatigue that is setting in after their explosive first two years (two!) of recording.